What’s On

Our current programme.

  • Toadally Free Comedy!

    Free Form Frogs – members of Box of Frogs workshop – present their inimitable brand of high-octane improvised comedy from audience suggestions on the third Monday of every month. All your favourite improv games, unrehearsed and improvised entirely live. No-one knows what will happen, least of all us! Expect to laugh, expect to be amazed […]

  • A Journey Through War (Tuesday 18th May & Saturday 22nd July)

    BIRMINGHAM FEST 2017 On the Floor Theatre Company present ‘A Journey Through War’ ‘A Journey Through War’ is a production that will take the audience from 1914 to 1918; capturing snapshots of life in the trenches, the roles of women, life & death as well as many more aspects of how the war affected families. […]

  • Permission to Perform! (Wednesday 19th July)

    BIRMINGHAM FEST 2017 Part devised from a series of workshops for young disabled people in Birmingham (led by artist and 9 times Paralympic Gold Medallist Robin Surgeoner). Providing a sense of empowerment as artists and having disabilities. Date: Wednesday 19th July Time: 7pm Tickets: £3    

  • P.A.T.S. (Thursday 20th July / 7pm)

    BIRMINGHAM FEST 2017 Yellow Collective presents ‘P.A.T.S.’ P.A.T.S. reflects on the universal sense of love and sex and the paradoxical and dualistic nature of memories going between reality and the doubting of remembered events. Revealing the human tendency to change and distort the past while at the same time recognizing this pattern in order to […]

  • Kamikaze Club Nights / Edinburgh Fringe Preview Special (20 July and 26 July)

    BIRMINGHAM FEST 2017 Two fun-filled evenings featuring comedy, music, games, and much more. With Edinburgh previews from: Lou Sanders (Thurs 20th) Gráinne Maguire (Weds 26th) Tickets: £5 or £8 for both shows   Kamikaze Club Nights  a variety night to dazzle the ages, warm the soul and relax the mind. Other less specific body parts […]

  • Frankenstein: Man or Monster (Friday 21st July 2017 / 7pm)

    BIRMINGHAM FEST 2017 Mad Tom Theatre presents ‘Frankenstein: Man or Monster’. A gothic comedy with madness, a monster and a teddy bear. Victor Frankenstein has delusions of grandeur, he thinks he is making a man, but when lightning strikes a monster really is created. But the monster has his own problems and can’t find anywhere […]

  • The Marriage of Kim K (Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd July)

    BIRMINGHAM FEST 2017 Leoe & Hyde present ‘The Marriage of Kim K’ What do Mozart and Kim Kardashian share? Kim’s marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries began with a fairytale wedding. 72 days later a divorce was filed. This is just one of three failed marriages in an ambitious retelling of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro. […]

  • Casting Q&A Session with Alison Solomon (Saturday 22nd July)

    BIRMINGHAM FEST 2017 Casting director Alison Solomon runs a special Q&A session on everything acting related and beyond. Bring along your questions, hear everyone else’s, and get some sound advice. Date: Saturday 22nd July 2017 Time: 1pm- 3pm Tickets: £5. Alison is a freelance casting director based in the West and East Midlands casting for theatre, […]

  • Role Play (Sunday 23rd – Tuesday 25th July)

    BIRMINGHAM FEST 2017 Taking Chances presents ‘Role Play’ A new comedy about a couple who think they may have a ‘seven year itch’. Ellie and Matt realise they are not giving each other the attention they used to, so they decide to spice things up by introducing some ‘role play’ into their relationship. However, things […]

  • Wrestling MaNiA! (Thursday 27th July / 7pm)

    Birmingham Fest 2017 Alex Brockie Productions presents ‘Wrestling MaNiA!’  It’s fringe season in Edinburgh and the old saying ‘the show must go on’ proves especially difficult to adhere to for one upstart wrestling promotion from Birmingham attempting to put on their first ever event. Date: Thursday 27th July 2017 Time: 7pm Price: £5 For more […]

  • The Child Who Said No (Friday 28th & Saturday 29th July)

    BIRMINGHAM FEST 2017 Alice Smith presents ‘The Child Who Said No’ ‘I would believe only in a God that could dance… Now I have learnt to walk. Since then I have allowed myself to run. Now I have learnt to fly. Since then I do not need to be pushed to move from a spot. […]

  • Audition Skills Workshop with Alison Solomon (Saturday 29th July)

    BIRMINGHAM FEST 2017 Casting director Alison Solomon runs a special “audition skills” workshop. Following an initial talk about auditions and pitfalls, the group will then work on monologues. Participants should prepare a monologue in advance. You will receive feedback and advice following it. *STRICTLY LIMITED SPACES* Date: Saturday 29th July 2017 Time: 11am – 2pm Cost: […]

  • The Overcoat (Saturday 29th July / 5pm)

    BIRMINGHAM FEST 2017 Enact Academy present ‘The Overcoat’  A party for a coat? … Only in Russia! Akakievich Bashmachkin, an unremarkable and indeed pathetic middle-aged titular councillor and copying clerk serving in an unnamed department of the Russia. His life is thrown into disarray, however, when he finds that he must buy a new overcoat, a […]

  • The Secret Garden (5-12 August)

    Mary Lennox is a troubled, and unloved 10-year-old girl – born in India to selfish, wealthy British parents, who never wanted her.  After being orphaned she is sent to live with her ever absent uncle at the austere Misselthwaite Manor.  As Mary explores the house and grounds she learns of a hidden garden, locked away […]

  • Entertaining Mr. Sloane (5 – 14 Oct)

    Sloane, a handsome, sexy and completely amoral young psycopath, becomes tennat to, middle-aged landlady Kath, who lives with her nearly blind father, Kemp. She proceeds to seduce her young house guest, but when prodigal son, Ed arrives on the scene, he is dismayed to find the stranger in residence. Events take a sudden twist and […]

  • The Hired Man (27 Nov – 2nd Dec)

    Book by Melvynn Bragg, music and Lyrics by Howard Goodall. The Hired Man is an English Musical that follows the enduring love between John Tallentire and his only love, Emily. Through the trials of the early 20th century from the hard farm lands of the north to the wat-torn trenches of the Great War, this […]

  • Charles Dickens’ Ghost Stories (31st October – 11th November)

    Two of Charles Dickens’ most chilling tales of the supernatural -“The Signalman” & “The Haunted Man”- brought to startling life. The Signalman  Dickens’ classic ghost story. When a traveller chances upon a solitary railway signalman he is drawn into a tale of ghostly premonitions, tragic occurrences and human solitude that echoes the contrasting Victorian feelings towards the […]

  • A Holly Jolly Christmas (9th & 10th December)

    The Theatre Collective Presents – “A Holly Jolly Christmas” A Festive celebration of the Golden Era of Hollywood, featuring all of your favourite Christmas classics, and suitable for the whole family. Join us as we pay tribute to the Greatest Stars of the MGM years, and start your holiday with a Song and Dance! Tickets: £14 / […]

  • A Christmas Carol (Saturday 16th – 30th December)

    Ebenezer Scrooge, is well-known for his miserly ways and unkind spirit. One Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by the ghost his old business partner, Jacob Marley, who is eager for Scrooge not to share his miserable fate in the afterlife. He sends three spirits to teach Scrooge a valuble lesson about his mean, selfish behaviour […]