Charles Dickens’ Ghost Stories (31st October – 11th November)

Two of Charles Dickens’ most chilling tales of the supernatural -“The Signalman” & “The Haunted Man”- brought to startling life.

The Signalman 

Dickens’ classic ghost story. When a traveller chances upon a solitary railway signalman he is drawn into a tale of ghostly premonitions, tragic occurrences and human solitude that echoes the contrasting Victorian feelings towards the nascent railway system. Beware the ringing of the signalman’s bell!

The Haunted Man 

“Everybody said he looked like a haunted man”. As a university professor dwells on past sorrows and mistakes, he is visited one night by a phantom.   The ghost offers him an escape from painful recollections of yesteryear by proposing to eradicate his memory. But at what cost to himself and those around him?

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