The Seventh Wave presents Mark Ayres and Roger Limb from The Radiophonic Workshop – an afternoon of Stories and Music


The Seventh Wave presents  Mark Ayres and Roger Limb from The Radiophonic Workshop – an afternoon of Stories and Music
Press quotes on The Radiophonic Workshop:
The electronic Buena Vista Social Club – The Observer
The British Kraftwerk. Total genius – NME
They were doing a whole new thing and it opened our eyes to what was possible – Paul McCartney
Sexagenarian space-rockers, somewhere between Hawkwind and Pink Floyd, but with a loud, very modern electronic punch – The Telegraph
…… more than 15 years after the Workshop was decommissioned, original members Peter Howell, Roger Limb, Dr Dick Mills, Paddy Kingsland and Mark Ayres reformed the workshop and are making new music that once again challenges the senses and pushes at the margins of technology.
Drawing on the principles of musique concréte, found sounds, early electronics, oscillators, handmade equipment, synths and crude tape loops the Workshop created the other-worldly soundtrack to some of BBC television and radio’s most iconic programs: The Body in Question, Horizon, Quatermass, Newsround, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Chronicle and Delia Derbyshire’s iconic Doctor Who Theme – still the high-water mark for electronic music nearly 50 years after it was recorded.
Doors 1.30 pm
Curfew 5.00 pm
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