Behind the Headlines (17th, 24th, 31st July)

Behind the Headlines


Part of Birminghamfest 2022 –

Have I Got News For You meets Saturday Night Live in the heart of Birmingham.

Join us for this topical panel show where local comedians will perform sketches based on recent news stories.

From the Birmingham Mail to The New York Times, all the latest scandals and scoops will be used.

And as the news changes so does the show, capturing the true spirit of live theatre to create hilarious and memorable moments in every performance.

No matter how bad the news, let us cheer you up and find the comedy behind the headlines.


Dates and time of show: 

Sunday 17th July – 5.00pm

Sunday 24th July – 5.00pm

Sunday 31st July – 5.00pm

Duration 60 minutes (approx.)


Ticket price:

Standard ticket: £8.00

Concession ticket: £6.00