Four 2 Jump (21st – 23rd July)

Two Jens & Me presents –

By Michael Harris

Part of Birminghamfest 2022 –

A new black comedy looking at Suicide – Four people all decide to choose the same day and the same window ledge to commit their solo act of suicide.  None of them know each other, and all fully intend to finish themselves off, however, have three other people to contend with, and none of them were prepared for that.  

This play tackles several tough subjects not least suicide, and asks the question, Will they jump? Or will they find in each other the hope to go on?

You will have to come along to find out.


Dates and time of show: 

Thursday 21st July – 9.00 pm

Friday 22nd July – 9.00 pm

Saturday 23rd July – 9.00 pm


Duration 45 minutes (approx.)

Ticket price:

All tickets: £12.00