Frankenstein (17th – 20th July)

Blue Orange Arts presents Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

It is 1818 and, as a bell tolls nearby, Victor Frankenstein’s monstrous creation explodes into existence. The eccentric scientist is horrified and flees into the night. His Creature is alone, lost and confused.

As he makes his way through civilization, the Creature experiences the beauty of sunlight, the pain of fire and the cruelty of humanity. Eventually, he stumbles across the cottage of a blind scholar De Lacey. Unable to be horrified by the Creature’s appearance, De Lacey educates and encourages him.

Soon, the Creature discovers Victor’s journal and learns of his possible whereabouts. Lonely and lovelorn, the Creature dreams of having a female partner just like him and sets out to meet his maker with the intention of convincing Frankenstein to create another life.

Victor’s imagination is fired as he senses a second chance to perfect his method. But as tragedy befalls the Frankenstein family, does Victor have the strength to impose limits on his own genius before he loses everything?

Using fast paced story-telling and physical theatre, Blue Orange Arts presents this faithful telling of the classic novel in just under one hour.

Part of Birmingham Fest 2019

Dates and time of show: 

Wednesday 17th July at 7.00pm

Thursday 18th July at 7.00pm

Friday 19th July at 7.00pm

Saturday 20th July at 3.00pm and 7.00pm

The Duration of the show will be just under 1 hour.


We recommend 12+ For this production due to the simulated violence contained.

Ticket price:

Standard ticket: £9.00

Concession ticket: £7.00