Lady Macbeth and her Servants (5th – 8th September)

Jars of Clay Theatre Co. presents Lady Macbeth and her Servants.

‘Macbeth’ with a twist! This is the story of the scheming Lady of the castle…the power she wields, her plotting and her secrets.This tremendously strong woman has a tale all of her own.Woven together with scenes from the text of ‘Macbeth’ this compelling drama takes a new and different look at the whole story.What of the Lady’s little explored demise? Does she take her own life or is there something else to it?

And then there’s her gentlewoman – usually barely noticed we take an in depth look at her (possible) role in the great drama. Married to the Porter and at the same time confidante to her Lady this gentlewoman has a unique view and part to play in the proceedings. Of course there WILL be an air borne dagger… And real ones, too. With murder, passion, intrigue and a good slice of light relief ‘Lady Macbeth’ is not to be missed!

Date of show: 5th September to 8th September.

Time of show: 7.45pm.

Ticket rates

Standard ticket: £12.00

Concession ticket: £10.00

No suitable for children

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