Not That Kind of Girl (19th-21st October)

Jars of Clay Theatre Company presents: ‘Not That Kind of Girl’


Poor Barabbas…what’s he gonna do?

‘So much to share, but with whom?

Is he a bad lad? ‘Course he is!

What’s his burning secret that he just has to share?

And there’s his name – What’s so special about it?

The answer to his dilemma is obvious: kidnap a girl, and you can tell them everything!

And then there’s Jen, his victim…or is he, her’s?

She’s twenty-something and just out to enjoy life.

But what’s she missing? Does no-one notice her?

Could she possibly fall for him? Not a chance, she’s not that kind of girl.


This heart-warming tale of an unlikely alliance, asks questions, reveals secrets and draws you along for a compelling ride!

Box office number: 0121 212 2643


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