Signifying Nothing / Full of Sound and Fury (17th – 20th January 2018)

Signifying Nothing by Jennifer Stone

Using only the text from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, ‘Signifying Nothing’ turns the Scottish play on its head and takes audiences on a journey watching the events unfold through the eyes of Lady Macbeth. Is there anything that can stop this tale from hurtling towards it’s desperate climax?

Full of Sound and Fury by Roman de Fruscan

What do actors REALLY think of each other? What really happens when a group of highly talented, highly motivated…and highly strung actors get together in a production of “Macbeth”? Is there method in their madness, or is the madness purely Method Acting? And what about their superstitions, when it’s considered unlucky even to mention the title of the play? On the stage all seems fine, but behind the scenes there’s something rotten in the state of Cawdor, damned spots are out, unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles…and other Shakespearean clichés.

Theatrical sparks fly, as irresistible pride meets immoveable ego.

Using original music, photography, classical text and new writing, “Full of Sound and Fury” takes a peek behind the curtain into the secret world of the professional actor in this eccentrically dark comedy, which blurs the boundaries between theatre and the real world, what is rehearsed and what is spontaneous.

“Full of Sound and Fury” has performed in Canada, Croatia and the UK, and will perform in Bulgaria in 2018.

Tickets: £12/£10

To qualify as a concession you must be one of the following: Under 16, over 65, unemployed, a full time student or a member of equity. Please note we will require evidence of concessionary status.

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