The Austerity Games (14th July) Part of Birmingham Fest

Tell-Tale Presents The NHS Big 7Tea 1948 -2018 – The Austerity Games

As part of the NHS BIG 7TEA to celebrate the creation of the NHS seventy years ago in 1948, Tell-Tale Presents, famed for its witty takes on history, return to the Blue Orange with their award winning play The Austerity Games. Join the rest of the nation for a complimenatry cup of tea, some good healthy 1940’s fun and an uplifting tale of post-war UK.


Date of show: 14th July.

Time of show: 9.00pm.

Show running time: 75 minutes.

Tickets prices:

Standard ticket: £9.00

Concession ticket:£6.00

Suitable for Children 5 years+

50% of Tell-Tale’s profits from this show will go to local NHS Charities (Please email for further info

Jul 14

The Austerity Games / Saturday 14th July (9pm)

14 July @ 9:00 pm - 10:15 pm