The Millers Story (21st November)

Clown Noir presents ‘The Millers Story’

Written by Simon Thompson and Directed by Eva Birdthistle

The Miller’s Story. Is a ‘Priming of the Cannon’ adaptation based on Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. However as opposed to retelling the original narrative, here Simon Thompson creates a life for the Miller before his night of bawdy storytelling. Influenced by the traditions of Commedia del Arte and Punch and Judy, we find out who the Miller is and why he making this Holy pilgrimage. In an audience engaging, fun filled romp of Medieval naughtiness the lonely and ageing Miller leaves his home in Manchester and Journeys to Canterbury, stopping off at The Tabard Inn, in London Town for a night of revelry and storytelling with his fellow pilgrims. Using Physical Comedy, Mask, Music and Song the audience are invited to join the Miller sharing in the highs and the lows of the journey.


Kindly supported by:
Nenagh Arts Centre, Tipperary Arts Office, Tipperary County Council, Limerick Arts Office, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance @U.L, and The Little Room, Waterford.


Show date: Thursday 21st November

Show time: 7.30pm to 8.30pm

Tickets rates:

Standard tickets: £13.00

Suggested age – 13 years plus