The Wicked Lady (1st – 16th October)

The Wicked Lady
World Première October 2021
A spine-chilling theatrical experience

Brace yourselves for the ghost story experience of the year.

Flickering from within the tree-line, a single lamp burns in one upstairs window of an otherwise long-abandoned house.

The chilling disappearance of a young child is what leads to Alice Beaumont being thrown into this isolated place, shrouded in secrecy and troubled by rumours of a ghostly past.

Does the house itself hold the secret or has Alice unlocked something even more unsettling?

The crying winds of this terrifying ghost story become even more haunting when Alice finds herself trapped in the undeniable feeling that although she is far away from anyone else, she is almost certainly never alone.

Look over your shoulder as you try to sever the grip of The Wicked Lady.

1st October* – 16th October 2021
Standard Tickets from £17.50

Recommended for those aged 15+ due to adult themes, strong language and moments of extreme shock, tension and horror.