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  • The Epic of Sigurd and Fafnir the Dragon

    Stories for grownups, told live and in person, for a modern audience. The story of Sigurd is over a thousand years old, and is one of gods, dragons, intrigue, adventure, magic, and murder. Drawn from Norse and Teutonic traditions, award winning storyteller Jason Buck brings to life the legend that inspired Tolkien and Wagner (amongst […]

  • The Chinese Labour Corps (1st – 5th February)

    Blue Orange Arts presents – The Chinese Labour Corps Original script by Ian Henery adapted by Emma Cooper   ‘They came to help. They stayed to die.’ One of the least known stories of the First World War. The moving and surprising story of the Chinese Labour Corps, who volunteered to travel thousands of miles […]

  • The Hogmoor Troll (30th April)

    Do you know the secret of The Hogmoor Troll? The Hogmoor Troll is a magical new children’s production full of music, magic and wonder. Escaping the perils of a hungry Roman soldier hunting for his supper, The Hogmoor Troll hides under an unassuming bridge built from reclaimed materials found in the forest. Safe for a […]

  • The History of the Great American Songbook

    Blue Orange Arts presents – The History of the Great American Songbook Featuring songs from George and Ira Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin amongst many others. The History of the Great American Songbook is a musical journey through the important and influential American popular and jazz songs of the 20th century which became considered ‘standards’. […]

  • Birmingham Fest (15th – 31st July)

    Birmingham Fest is back for 2022. Applications will open soon. www.birminghamfest.co.uk  

  • Charles Dickens’ The Signalman (15th – 16th July 2022)

    Blue Orange Arts presents – Charles Dickens’ The Signalman When a traveller chances upon a solitary railway signalman he is drawn into a tale of ghostly premonitions, tragic occurrences and human solitude that echoes the contrasting Victorian feelings towards the nascent railway system. Beware the ringing of the signalman’s bell! Running Time: 40 minutes (approximately) […]

  • A Study in Scarlet (28th October – 5th Nov)

    Blue Orange Arts presents – A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle adapted by James Nicholas   On returning to London after been invalided out of the army, little does Dr John Watson know that the simple act of renting a room in Baker Street would lead him into an underground world of crime, […]

  • The Snow Queen (17th – 30th December 2022)

    Blue Orange Arts presents – The Snow Queen By Hans Christian Andersen adapted by Simon Ravenhill When Kay, a spirited young boy, is abducted by the icy Snow Queen, Gerda embarks on a fantastical journey to uncover the whereabouts of her most treasured friend.  Throughout her many perilous adventures, she discovers new friends and foes, […]