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  • Toadally Free Comedy!

    Free Form Frogs – members of Box of Frogs workshop – present their inimitable brand of high-octane improvised comedy from audience suggestions on the third Monday of every month. All your favourite improv games, unrehearsed and improvised entirely live. No-one knows what will happen, least of all us! Expect to laugh, expect to be amazed […]

  • Sleeping Beauty (5th – 8th December)

    The wicked fairy Carabosse is mightily miffed when she and her naughty feline accomplice Spindleshanks don’t get an invite to the royal christening. Can brave Fairy Peaceful save Princess Aurora from the sleeping spell and keep her safe for her dream prince? Featuring all the ingredients for a perfect family treat, this belly-tickling live show […]

  • A Holly Jolly Christmas (9th & 10th December)

    The Theatre Collective Presents – “A Holly Jolly Christmas” A Festive celebration of the Golden Era of Hollywood, featuring all of your favourite Christmas classics, and suitable for the whole family. Join us as we pay tribute to the Greatest Stars of the MGM years, and start your holiday with a Song and Dance! Tickets: £14 / […]

  • A Christmas Carol (Saturday 16th – 30th December)

    Ebenezer Scrooge, is well-known for his miserly ways and unkind spirit. One Christmas Eve, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his old business partner, Jacob Marley, who is eager for Scrooge not to share his miserable fate in the afterlife. He sends three spirits to teach Scrooge a valuable lesson about his mean, selfish […]

  • Kamikaze Club Nights (21st December)

    Kamikaze Club Nights  a variety night to dazzle the ages, warm the soul and relax the mind. Other less specific body parts will also enjoy it. The Kamikaze Club are the comedy bandits, the dark lords of laughter and the ones who brought sexy back. They are coming to the Jewellery Quarter and they’re bringing […]

  • Cinderella (3rd January – 6th January)

    Poor Cinderella, she cooks, she sews, she cleans all day long with never a moment’s rest. And then there’s her two step sisters who laugh and chide and don’t lift a finger to help. Her hard-hearted step mother is no better! Will she never be free? Only Buttons, her long-time friend really cares. But who […]

  • Signifying Nothing / Full of Sound and Fury (17th – 20th January 2018)

    Signifying Nothing by Jennifer Stone Using only the text from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, ‘Signifying Nothing’ turns the Scottish play on its head and takes audiences on a journey watching the events unfold through the eyes of Lady Macbeth. Is there anything that can stop this tale from hurtling towards it’s desperate climax? Full of Sound and […]

  • The Late Marilyn Monroe (30th January – 3rd February 2018)

    A day in the life of Marilyn Monroe. Her final day. On August 5th 1962 the world awoke to the news that Marilyn Monroe, the biggest movie star of that time, had died at the age of just 36. But what really happened? And what was she like behind closed doors? Questions we’ll probably never […]

  • The 4 Clowns of The Apocalypse (18th March 2018)

    The end of the world is nigh! Well, maybe. The Horsemen of The Apocalypse assemble to fulfil their prophesied function and with epic scale incompetence they grapple with universal destruction and deckchairs. Comical, magical and visually stunning, ‘The 4 Clowns of The Apocalypse’ is a sensorial, nonsensical delight for the whole family. Teatro do Montemuro […]