All castings will be displayed on the website, as well as being announced on Twitter and Facebook. Please only apply when castings are posted as we are unable to look at CVs at other times. We predominantly cast actors who live and work in the Midlands. Actors that live and work in other regions must at least have a base here.


Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Production company: Blue Orange Arts

Overall Production Dates: 17thSeptember – 20thOctober 2018

Audition date: 25thAugust (If you are unable to attend this date but would still like to be seen please contact us. If we can arrange an alternative we will.)

Rehearsals 17thSeptember – 5thOctober

Production 7thOctober – 10thOctober

Performances 11thOctober – 20thOctober


Seven actors required for a stage production of Dracula at The Blue Orange Theatre based in the Jewelry Quarter of Birmingham’s city center.  This is a faithful, original adaptation of Bram Stoker’s iconic novel of the same name featuring an ensemble cast who will be required to play multiple roles.

Auditions and all rehearsals will be held at the Blue Orange Theatre in Birmingham


Dracula/Arthur Holmwood– Male 29 – 49 , preferably tall. Dracula is attractive and imposing.  A background in physical theatre would be helpful.  Arthur is your typical young hero type in love with Lucy.

Accents: R.P., Eastern European.

Van Helsing /Sea Captain/Coach Man– Male 39 – 69 +.  Van Helsing is a middle aged genius; an eccentric and quirky professor type and an expert in Vampire lore. Accents: German, Eastern European, Hungarian.

Mina Harker, nee Murray – Female, 25 – 39.  Intelligent, practical, single minded, governess type.  Lucy’s best friend and engaged then married to Jonathan Harker.

Accent: R.P.

Lucy Westernra/Vampire Bride– Female, 19 – 29.  Lucy is young, pretty and full of energy and life.  Vampire Bride is a predator and can appear young and innocent, animalistic or highly sexualized depending on how she plans to snare her victim. A background in physical theatre would be helpful.

Accents: R.P., Eastern European.

Doctor Seward– Male 28 – 45.  A doctor of psychiatry, he is clever and insightful and in love with Lucy.  Accent: R.P. or well spoken British regional.

Jonathan Harker– Male 25 – 41.  Bookish and idealistic, curious and clever; though his spirit is temporarily broken by Dracula.

Mrs. Hennessy/Mrs. Westernra/Landlady/Sister Agatha/ Vampire Bride– Female: 28-49.  We require a strong versatile character actress with a good grasp of accents. Mrs. Hennessy is head nurse at the asylum, tough, uncompromising and not afraid to use violent force on the patients.  Mrs. Westernra, Lucy’s Mother, kind but weak willed. Vampire Bride is a predator and can appear young and innocent, animalistic or highly sexualized depending on how she plans to snare her victim. Sister Agatha, a Nunn at a Budapest convent, European.  The landlady is a careworn Romanian innkeeper.


A background in stage combat and physical theatre would be helpful.

Accents: R.P., British Regional, Eastern European.


Payment: This will be in the form of a profit share with a minimum guaranteed payment of £150 to help cover expenses. (You will receive either a profit share OR £150, whichever is the higher amount.)

We operate a strict colour blind casting policy. As such, we are happy to see actors of any ethnicity for these roles.

If you are interested in applying for this production please send CV’s and a photo to: casting [at]