Is the age of participants diverse?

Extremely. Our classes attract people from all walks of life and of all ages

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

 No. However, we are happy to verify that you have completed one of our courses upon request.

If I enrol on the Acting Level One Taster Workshop will I be guaranteed a place on the Acting Level One course?

Yes. Once you have completed the workshop and wish to continue with the Acting Level One class, you will be guaranteed a place on the course.

Do I have the relevant experience for an Acting Class?

Level 1

For complete beginners, works a lot on building confidence in a safe and supportive environment. If you have performed recently in front of an audience, unless you still feel you lack in confidence, you would be more suited to Level 2. Term 3 culminates in an informal showing for friends and family in the Blue Orange Studio. 

Level 2

You will have either completed Level 1 or have some sort of recent performance experience, you will need to have the confidence to “perform” in front of the rest of the group. Term 1 concentrates on the individual actor, with tutor and peer feedback. Term 2 looks at Shakespeare and culminates in a showing of Shakespeare scenes and extracts in the Blue Orange studio. Term 3 focusses on working as an ensemble and culminates in a show in the Blue Orange Theatre. 

Acting, Devising & Performance

You will have ideally completed Level 2 or at least have some previous acting/performance knowledge, possibly a qualification of some sort, this course does not cover basics. In term 1 you will work as a group towards a devised show to be performed in the Blue Orange Theatre. Terms 2 and 3 will culminate in a performance of a scripted piece for a paying audience in the Blue Orange Theatre.