Dracula (25 Oct – 3 Nov 2012)

On the coast of England a ship with only a dead man strapped to the wheel and dark sails flying from it’s mast crashes into the shore and a mysterious black dog leaps to land and disappears. Elsewhere in England psychiatrist Dr Seward is confused by his patient Renfield’s obsession with life and the nearby property recently purchased by a foreign noble. English lawyer Jonathan Harker has been missing for some time. He parted from his fiance Mina and headed to Transylvania when was commissioned by a Count Dracula to come to his native land and assist in the count’s purchase of property in London. And what is the mysterious fever afflicting Mina’s friend Lucy? Can Dr Seward, or his old mentor Dr Van Helsing halt the slow drain of her blood….?This tale is not for the faint hearted.