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  • What the Butler Saw

    What the Butler Saw (13-16 April 2011)

    The Blue Orange’s premiere production was Joe Orton’s classic What the Butler Saw. When Joe Orton’s final play was performed posthumously in 1969, its disregard for the conventional morals of the time outraged and enthralled audiences. Now, some 40 years later, the play has lost none of its impact and sparkles with acerbic wit and […]

  • Misery

    Misery (25 Aug – 3 Sept 2011)

    Best-selling novelist , Paul Sheldon is on his way back from a holiday when he is in a crash due to a freak blizzard. He is found by no one other than “His number one fan”, Annie Wilkes. She takes him back to her home (surprisingly without telling anyone) and isn’t best pleased when she finds out her favourite heroine is killed off in the novels. Paul later finds the true power of his novels and how they can destroy someone’s life. Literally.

  • Closer

    Closer (22 Sept – 1 Oct 2011)

    Would-be writer Dan supports himself by writing obituaries. He chances upon Alice when she is hit by a car. Alice quickly falls in love with him and Dan writes a book about her. A year later he is being photographed for a publicity show by Anna who he begins to fall for – Anna rejects […]

  • Two Way Mirror (17-26 November 2011)

    Two Way Mirror is an incision into the psyche of the modern world; Arthur Miller skillfully tears apart our idea of perception, reality and redemption in the way only a master of modern drama can. To keep the drama fresh and give the show an extra edge, this production saw the four actors alternate parts […]

  • A Christmas Carol

    Ebenezer Scrooge is mean, probably the meanest man in London. He is mean to his customers, his employees and even his own nephew, Fred. If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s Christmas Eve and Scrooge is even more grouchy than usual. If he had his way, Christmas would be cancelled altogether! That is, until he is […]

  • Teachers

    Teachers (16-30 December 2011)

    A fast-moving and entertaining play which brings alive the vigour of life at a Comprehensive school. A drama teacher struggles to put on an end of term play, but has to push against disruptive classes, cynical colleagues and unhelpful caretakers. This loud, cheery comedy has a poignant end which underlines its pointed political thrust.